SNEED-PACK® Case / Carton Sealer - Top & Bottom Belt

SNEED-PACK® Case / Carton Sealer - Top & Bottom Belt

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Semi-Automatic Case / Carton

Sealer - Top & Bottom Belt


Our SNEED-PACK® Case / Carton Sealer - Top & Bottom Belt is a great solution for end-of-the-line packaging uniform box sizes. By changing the process of manually sealing packages our case sealer will help automate your process and increase the speed in sealing cases. The top & bottom belt is set with 2 motors and has 4 belts to get your packages sealed up.

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Model Number

  • CS-56TB


  • Reduce labor costs with a box tape machine by eliminating the need for manual taping.
  • Reduce risk for employee injuries and downtime caused by repetitive motion
  • Reduce material waste with a case-sealing machine
    • Reduce tape usage by up to 30%
  • Improve packing and case-taping efficiency
    • Up to 6x faster than manual case sealing
    • Case sealer can process in 5 minutes what takes 30 minutes manually
  • ROI in less than one year when case sealing more than 250 boxes per day
    • Potential to save thousands of dollars every year
  • Reduce damage during transit and shipping
  • Eliminate uneven tape lengths and positions

Product Specifications

  • Speed: 0-40 cases/minute or 60 feet/minute
  • Minimum Box Size:
    • 2in Tape Head: 5.9in Height x 7in Width
    • 3in Tape Head: 5.9in Height x 7.9in Width
    • Minimum Length: 5.9in
  • Maximum Box Size: 20in x 23.6in
  • Maximum Case Weight: 44lbs
  • Motors: 2
  • Tape Head Width: 2in (3in upgrade available)
  • Power: 110V 60HZ
  • Power Supply: 240W
  • Dimension: 66in Length x 33in Width x 57in Height
  • Weight: 331lbs
  • 4 Casters (Included)
  • Infeed / Exit tables included

Tape Options

  • Machine Length Tape
  • FREE Tape Head Offer for Pallet Orders:
    We are happy to offer a FREE tape head with every pallet of tape ordered. This offer applies to all tape varieties, including acrylic and hot melt, as well as two-inch or three-inch widths.

Compatible Case Coding Printers

Crating & Freight

Crating is included in the listed price. We offer flat rate freight anywhere in the continental United States for $495 - there may be additional charges for destinations outside the continental United States.

Warranty Information

  • 12-Month Manufacturer's Warranty  

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