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CIJ Printers

Sneed Coding Solutions is replacing CIJ continuous inkjet printers everyday due the maintenance upkeep and expense required to maintain CIJ printers. We offer low-cost, maintenance-free coding and marking solutions to manufacturers across the globe. All of our inkjet coders can be self-installed, self-maintained and come with a 30-Day Performance Guarantee! View our Help Desk for inkjet coder installation and instructional videos. 

Continuous Inkjet Printer (CIJ) Extended Shutdowns
Shutting down a CIJ printer for extended periods of time can result in a clogged system leading to an expensive service call. With our TIJ technology printers, you can shut down a printer for longer than a year, turn the unit on, and be printing within 60 seconds! 

CIJ Ink Color Changes
Changing ink colors in a continuous inkjet printer is a lengthy and costly experience, especially if you don't have a trained in-house CIJ technician who knows how to properly flush a unit. Typically, CIJ printers require a complete ink flush and filter change when changing from one CIJ ink to another. 

It takes less than 30 seconds to change ink colors with our TIJ technology printers!

CIJ / Continuous Inkjet Printer Service Calls
CIJ printers are a ticking time bomb. It's only a matter of time before the CIJ printer needs service. We find that most CIJ printer support companies charge a minimum of $500+ for a CIJ printer service call.

Our TIJ technology printers are maintenance-free and don't require any service. Often times, the cost of our new TIJ printer is less than the cost of a CIJ service call!  

Price Comparison (CIJ vs TIJ)
CIJ Printers typically cost $7,000+ (printer, accessories, training, installation)
Our TIJ printers start at $599! (see below)

Training & Installation
Most Continuous Inkjet Printers (CIJ) require professional training and installation which can easily be $1,500+ per day. Our maintenance-free, Thermal Inkjet Printers (TIJ) can be self-installed and don't require professional installation. You can view our Help Desk to see how simple it is to install our inkjet coders.

Total Cost of Ownership

Our TIJ printers require ZERO service and ZERO maintenance. Your total cost of ownership can be calculated by reviewing how many printed messages one ink cartridge will yield. Most of our printers will calculate prints per cartridge after a messages is created. 

SNEED-JET® Titan Ink Report Example
Print 900,000+ characters at 12.7 mm or ½” tall character height
Print 3.600,000+ characters at 6.35 mm or ¼” tall character height 
Print 9,000,000+ characters at 3.175 mm or ⅛” tall character height
Print 18,000,000+ characters at 2.54 mm or 1/10”  tall character height

SNEED-JET® Titan Series
The SNEED-JET® Titan Series date / lot / batch coders offer 7 ink colors to choose from; black, white, yellow, red, blue, green and invisible. Easily change ink colors in less than 30 seconds! In addition, the SNEED-JET® Titan batch coders are available with 1, 2 or 4 printheads!

SNEED-JET® Freedom Series
The SNEED-JET® Freedom Series date / lot / batch coders are equipped with a 7-inch touchscreen and one-inch printheads. The Freedom 21 gives you (2) one-inch printheads stitched together allowing you to print up to 2-inch tall objects. The Freedom 22 gives you two separate one-inch print heads allowing you to inkjet code on two sides of a product. 

SNEED-JET® Infinity Series
The SNEED-JET® Infinity offers the greatest ink throw distance, 10mm, and also offers wireless connectivity. You can control up to 42 Infinity printers from one device! 

Purchase one of our maintenance-free inkjet coders online today! Click each inkjet coder below to view application videos. 

SNEED-JET Titan Printer for Inkjet Coding Date, Lot and Batch Codes.
SNEED-JET® Titan Printer
Regular price $1,599.00 Sale price $1,199.00
SNEED-JET Titan 22 Dual Head Thermal Inkjet Coder Printer for Printing Date / Lot / Batch Codes.
SNEED-JET® Titan 22 Dual Head Inkjet Coder
Regular price $2,995.00 Sale price $1,995.00
SNEED-JET Freedom 21 Case Coder for Box and Carton Printing
SNEED-JET® Freedom 21, 2-Inch Case Coder
Regular price $1,999.00 Sale price $1,499.00
SNEED-JET Freedom 22 Case Coder for Box and Carton Printing
SNEED-JET® Freedom 22, Dual Head Case Coder
Regular price $1,999.00 Sale price $1,499.00
SNEED-JET Infinity Date Coder for Inkjet Coding Date Codes, Batch Codes, Lot Codes, Barcodes. Industrial Thermal Inkjet Printer For Coding Bottles, Cases, Plastic, Boxes
SNEED-JET® Infinity
Regular price $2,495.00 Sale price $1,695.00
SNEED-JET Titan T6 Handheld Printer
SNEED-JET® Titan T6 Handheld Printer
Regular price $599.00 Sale price $499.00
SNEED-JET® Freedom Handheld
SNEED-JET® Freedom Handheld
Regular price $1,995.00 Sale price $995.00
Reconditioned SNEED-JET® Freedom Handheld
Reconditioned SNEED-JET® Freedom Handheld
Regular price $1,995.00 Sale price $796.00