SNEED-JET Infinity Inks

SNEED-JET Infinity Inks

Sneed Coding Solutions is your home for SNEED-JET thermal inkjet ink cartridges. These ink cartridges are used in the SNEED-JET printers to easily print date codes, lot codes, batch codes, barcodes, logos and much more on all types of packaging materials and substrates. 

The SNEED-JET thermal inkjet ink cartridges can easily print on glass, plastic, metal, textile, pipe, concrete, and so much more! With the SNEED-JET printers, you can eliminate excessive costs and down time associated with equipment maintenance and servicing. Use our inline inkjet coders to easily inkjet code products and #KeepCodingSimple today!

SI-200 Black Ink - Designed for porous and semi-porous material such as boxes, coated boxes, corrugate, cardboard, paper, etc.

SI-300 Black Ink - Excellent for non-porous material such as glass, plastic, metal, aluminum, flexible packaging and much more.

SI-x30 High Throw Black InkHigh Throw Distance (up to 10mm). Excellent adhesion on most substrates!