Simplify Labeling: SNEED-PACK Label Applicator - L3 Manual

SNEED-PACK Bottle Label Applicator - L3 Manual

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Experience efficient and precise labeling with the SNEED-PACK Bottle Label Applicator - L3 Manual. This applicator offers a labeling speed of 15-30 bottles per minute, depending on the size of the bottle and label. This flexibility allows you to adjust the speed according to your specific requirements, ensuring accurate and efficient labeling every time. Whether you are working with wine bottles, beer bottles, or other round bottle varieties, this applicator is tailored to meet your labeling needs.

Whether you are a wine producer, beverage manufacturer, or involved in other industries that require labeling on round bottles, the SNEED-PACK Bottle Label Applicator - L3 Manual is an indispensable tool for enhancing your production efficiency and achieving impeccable labeling results. Weighing just 15.65 pounds, this lightweight yet sturdy machine offers excellent portability and durability. Its pressing bar feature ensures bubble-free label application, providing a clean and polished look to your labeled bottles.

Product Specifications

  • Label Core Diameter: 90mm
  • Label Roll Outer Diameter: ≤ 160mm
  • Bottle Diameter: 15-120mm
  • Bottle Height: ≤ 340mm
  • Label Width: 10-160mm
  • Label Length: 10-300mm
  • Speed: 15-30 bottles a minute
  • Machine Weight: 7.1kg


  • 12 Month Warranty

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