Inline Conversion Kit: Automate the Coding & Marking Process

Inline Printer Conversion Kit

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When is an Inline Printer Conversion Kit Necessary?

If you've relied on a SNEED-JET® portable handheld printer to add essential coding and traceability information to your products, you know its efficiency. However, as your production scales up, you need a more streamlined solution to meet growing demands. Instead of investing in an entirely new coding system, consider the smart alternative – our inline printer conversion kit.

Embrace seamless integration as our conversion kit transforms your SNEED-JET® Titan T6, T7, or Freedom portable handheld printer into an efficient inline coding and marking system. Save time, effort, and resources while meeting the demands of a growing business. Improve your production line without the need for significant investments.

How to Convert Your SNEED-JET® Portable Handheld Into an Inline Coding Printer

At Sneed Coding Solutions, simplicity is our hallmark. Converting your portable handheld printer into an inline printer is a breeze with our inline printer conversion kit. In just 10 minutes, you'll be up and running, ready to handle high-volume coding and marking on your production line.

Inside the package, you'll find everything you need for a seamless transition: a center connecting piece, two large bars, two smaller bars, three legs, six screws, an external photo eye, a holding clamp, and two compression clamps. Assembling the conversion kit is straightforward.

First, connect the legs with the centerpiece using the provided screws. Thread the large bars together carefully to avoid cross-threading. Attach the large bars to the leg base by screwing it through the center. Slide the compression clamps onto the bars from the top, then insert the smaller bars into the smaller compression clamps based on preference.

Attach the holding clamp to one of the smaller bars and place the photo eye in the bar with the corresponding opening. Insert your portable handheld printer into the holding clamp, ensuring it is securely fastened without overtightening. Lastly, connect the ethernet-style cable from the external photo eye to the printer's backside.

For a step-by-step visual guide, watch our video "How do I convert my SNEED-JET® Handheld into an inline printer," available on our Help Desk. With our inline printer conversion kit, you can simplify your production process and embrace efficient coding and marking.

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