The Importance of Choosing the Right Bottle Coder

Bottle Coders

Why Does Positioning Matter When Selecting a Bottle Coder?

Date and lot codes are crucial for ensuring consumer safety and maintaining quality assurance standards. When selecting a bottle coder, it's important to consider the best print position based on your chosen inkjet date coder and equipment setup. Below are the three most common print positions for bottle coding:

  • Printhead Facing Downward or Top Down: This print position is suitable for printing codes on the cap or lid of a bottle. However, some customers may opt not to print here in case the cap or lid gets separated from the container and product.
  • Printhead Facing Horizontal: This is the most common print position for printing codes on the side of a bottle, but it may not be suitable if the container has an uneven surface.
  • Printhead Facing Upward: This print position allows for printing codes on the bottom of the bottle, but it may have limitations depending on the inkjet coding technology used.

By understanding these print positions, you can determine the best option for your product. Once you've made a decision, explore our website at Sneed Coding Inc. to find the perfect equipment for your needs. We offer a range of options, including handheld portable printers. Remember to keep coding simple and efficient with Sneed Coding Inc.

Why are SNEED-JET® Coders Ideal for Bottle Coding?

SNEED-JET® Bottle Coders are ideal for bottle coding because they are designed to easily print date, lot, batch codes, barcodes, logos, and product descriptions on a range of substrates, including glass, plastic, and metal. In addition, some of the models offer features like advanced networking capabilities and extended ink throw distance, making them reliable and powerful solutions. Additionally, you can choose between portable and conveyor mount printers to help you simplify the coding process and reduce equipment maintenance and servicing costs.

At Sneed Coding Solutions, we understand that setting up new equipment can be a challenge. To make it easy for you, we offer virtual set-up appointments and provide instructional videos from our Help Desk. Additionally, with our 30-Day Performance Guarantee, you can try our bottle coder(s) with complete peace of mind. Choose SNEED-JET® Coders for an affordable, reliable, and hassle-free solution to all your bottle coding needs

SNEED-JET® Inkjet Printers

SNEED-JET® Freedom Series

At Sneed Coding Solutions, we are proud to offer the SNEED-JET® Freedom thermal inkjet coders, designed to easily print date, lot, batch codes, barcodes, logos, and product descriptions. These portable and conveyor-mount printers work on various substrates, from glass to metal. SNEED-JET® printers simplify your coding process and reduce equipment maintenance and servicing costs.

SNEED-JET® Infinity Series

When it comes to date, lot, and batch coding on various substrates like glass, plastic, and metal, the SNEED-JET® Infinity inkjet coder is a top performer. With advanced networking capabilities and an extended ink throw distance of up to 10mm, you can manage multiple printers wirelessly from a single CPU or laptop. The SNEED-JET® Infinity is the ideal coding and marking solution for businesses looking for a reliable and powerful printer.

SNEED-JET® Titan Series

If you're looking for a versatile and easy-to-use date, lot, and batch coder that can print on a wide variety of substrates, look no further than the SNEED-JET® Titan Series inkjet coders. With 7 ink colors available, these industrial inkjet coders can self-install and come with a 30-day performance guarantee. Print alphanumeric text, barcodes, logos, and static and variable information with ease and switch ink colors in under 30 seconds.

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SNEED-JET Titan Printer for Inkjet Coding Date, Lot and Batch Codes.
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