SNEED-PACK Hot Melt Tape and Acrylic Tape in Stock

Machine Length Tape

SNEED-PACK Hot Melt Tape and Acrylic Tape

How to Select the Right Machine Length Tape

Do you find yourself having to double-tape, triple-tape, or add an excessive amount of tape to your packages so that they arrive at their destinations sealed? Working with ineffective tape is a hassle, a waste of materials, and you’re putting the security of your package at risk. To ensure that your packages arrive in pristine condition, you must select the right tape from the beginning, which is why we’re offering SNEED-PACK acrylic and hot-melt tape. To determine which tape would be best for your packaging needs, you need to consider shear values, work environments, and application methods; the last thing you want to do is guess.

Acrylic Machine Length Tape Features 

Acrylic tape works best If the temperature within your workplace fluctuates because it performs well in temperatures ranging from 32℉ -140℉; it’s also the top choice when working in spaces with low or high humidity. In addition, acrylic tape has a longer shelf life and won’t discolor or lose clarity over time because it’s resistant to UV light. Lastly, Acrylic works best if you manually seal packages because the seal strength is known to improve over time. 

Hot Melt Machine Length Tape Features

Hot melt tape performs best in temperatures ranging from 45℉-120℉ and applies best by machine. It is more effective at sealing overfilled packages or packages with higher degrees of recycled content. If you’re looking for a tape with excellent initial tack, which applies more consistently, releases easier, and has higher adhesion, then hot melt tape would be the ideal choice.

FREE Tape Head Offer for Pallet Orders

We are happy to offer a FREE tape head with every pallet of tape ordered. This applies to all tape varieties, including acrylic and hot melt as well as two inch or three inch widths. This offer is eligible for all pallet orders of tape.