Case / Box Erectors

Case / Box Erectors

Is your business at a point where manually putting boxes together is out of the question? Trust us, we know better than anyone that growth brings along a lot of change and with that change comes the need to replace inefficient processes. Luckily for you, SNEED-PACK has you covered because we have a line of case erectors, also known as box erectors and carton erectors, that are sure to save you time and money in the long run.

How would you like to speed up your packaging process, eliminate human error, and cut costs all at once? Gone are the days that only 3-5 boxes could be put together in a minute, or when boxes were assembled imperfectly. Thanks to the SNEED-PACK Case Erector, you can have 10 perfectly-assembled boxes, all without having to worry about the machine jamming; now that’s impressive packaging automation. To make things even better, these box erectors have an alarm that lets you know when the tape breaks or needs to be changed out.

There’s no need to employ multiple individuals just to form boxes anymore and there’s no need to buy multiple machines to do the job of one. By eliminating the need for manual labor and condensing down the equipment required, you’re streamlining your packaging process and cutting down your costs at the same time.

Be sure to view our full line of case sealers, case coders, label applicators and machine length tape to assist with your end-of-line packaging needs!

For a limited time we're offering a free tape head with EACH pallet of tape ordered.

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