SNEED-PACK Small Box Erector Increases Productivity and Accuracy

SNEED-PACK CE-30HS High Speed Small Box Case Erector

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SNEED-PACK Case Erector And Box Erector For Small Boxes; High Speed


Tired of seeing ads for case erectors only to click and realize that your boxes are too small? With our SNEED-PACK CE-30HS you can rest assured knowing that we have a box/case/carton erector that was specifically designed for those small cartons that the e-commerce industry relies so heavily on. Gone are the days where endlessly forming small-boxes manually was the only option; not to mention the headache of dealing with wasted boxes and material from boxes being formed or sealed incorrectly. Regardless of the reason for seeking out a small-box, high-speed box/case/carton erector, our SNEED-PACK CE-30HS can help you #KeepPackagingSimple.

Rather than manually forming only 3-5 cartons per minute, our SNEED-PACK CE-30HS case erector easily produces 20 cartons per minute; with our small-box, high-speed case erector you’re projected to quadruple productivity, all while increasing efficiency and accuracy. Adding this small-box, high-speed case erector helps to increase accuracy by reducing the number of imperfectly formed boxes and boxes that have an excess amount of adhesive or lack of adhesive in the right places. Streamlining production has never been simpler and it’s thanks to the suction cups, forming, bottom folding, and bottom sealing features of the SNEED-PACK CE-30HS.

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  • Reduce labor cost with carton erector by eliminating need for manual taping
  • Reduce risk for employee injuries and downtime caused by repetitive motion
  • Reduce material waste with a box erecting machine
    • Improve packing and case erecting efficiency
      • Up to 2-3x faster than manual box erecting
    • Reduce damage during transit and shipping
    • Eliminate uneven tape lengths and positions

    Product Specifications

    • Speed: 20 cases / minute
    • Box Storage Capacity: 80 to 100 Cases (Will vary based on case thickness)
    • Minimum Box Size:
      • 5.11in Length
      • 3.15in Width
      • 3.15in Height
    • Maximum Box Size:
      • 11.02in Length
      • 7.87in Width
      • 7.87in Height
    • Tape Head Width: 2in
    • Power Supply: 110V 50/60HZ 1 Phase
    • Power: 1000W
    • Air Pressure: 6-8kg/cm2
    • Air Consumption: 450NL / min
    • Dimensions:
      • Length: 66.14in
      • Width: 47.64in
      • Height: 68.89in
    • Machine weight: 1,540lbs

    Tape Options

    • Machine Length Tape
    • FREE Tape Head Offer for Pallet Orders:
      We are happy to offer a FREE tape head with every pallet of tape ordered. This applies to all tape varieties, including acrylic and hot melt as well as two inch or three inch widths. This offer is eligible for all pallet orders of tape.

    Crating & Freight 

    Crating is included in the listed price. We offer flat rate freight anywhere in the continental United States for $995 - there may be additional charges for destinations outside the continental United States.

    Lead time

    Our SNEED-PACK Case Erectors are built to order - current lead time is 3-4 months.

    Compatible Case Coding Printers

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    Warranty Information

    • 12 Month Manufacturer's Warranty  

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