Unlock Savings with Reconditioned Inkjet Coders and Conveyors

Reconditioned Printers & Conveyors

Why Should You Consider a Reconditioned Printer or Conveyor

Are you looking to keep coding simple on a budget but haven’t quite found anything so far? While we like to think that our SNEED-JET® thermal-inkjet coding equipment is reasonably priced, we do have another alternative. Thanks to our notorious 30-Day Performance Guarantee period, we occasionally have customers that will return their printers or conveyors.

Why do consumers return our printers, accessories, or conveyors if nothing is wrong with them? Typically, it's because customers were unable to install the equipment successfully on their existing packaging equipment or workflow. There’s no need to worry, though; we have plenty of online resources like our Help Desk and YouTube Channel that are full of guides and instructional videos to help you get everything set up and running.

What Kind of Process Does Reconditioned Equipment Go Through?

When it comes to equipment returns, our dedicated technical service team conducts thorough examinations to ensure their full operability. Typically, there's no need for extensive reconditioning as the equipment has been used for less than 30 days, often without being in full production mode. However, if any repairs are necessary, rest assured that our skilled technicians are more than capable of handling them efficiently.

It's important to note that reconditioned equipment may exhibit minor cosmetic flaws such as scratches or dents. Despite these superficial imperfections, all our reconditioned equipment is covered by our reliable 30-Day Performance Guarantee, providing you with peace of mind. Additionally, they come with a generous 12-month manufacturer's warranty, further ensuring their quality and durability.

Reconditioned Meenjet M6 Automatic Inkjet Printer
Reconditioned Meenjet M6 Automatic Inkjet Printer
定期价格 ¥8,810.00 销售价格 ¥7,048.00
Reconditioned SNEED-JET® Freedom
Reconditioned SNEED-JET® Freedom
定期价格 ¥9,547.00 销售价格 ¥7,638.00
SNEED-JET Titan Industrial Inkjet Printer.
Reconditioned SNEED-JET® Titan Printer
定期价格 ¥8,839.00 销售价格 ¥7,072.00