Reconditioned Meenjet M6 Automatic Inkjet Printer

Reconditioned Meenjet M6 Automatic Inkjet Printer

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Reconditioned Equipment Statement

When customers return their printers or conveyors within the 30 Day Performance Guarantee period, we inspect, test and recondition the equipment for resale. Our Technical Services team takes great pride ensuring everything operates at 100% performance. 

Please note, reconditioned equipment may have some cosmetic flaws such as scratches and minor dents. All reconditioned equipment is covered by our 30 Day Performance Guarantee and have a 12 month manufacturer's warranty.

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Meenjet M6 Automatic Inkjet Printer

The Meenjet M6 Automatic Inkjet Printer is great for marking porous, semi-porous and non-porous substrates. Seven colors to choose from; black, white, yellow, red, blue, green and invisible! Change colors in 30 seconds. The Meenjet M6 Automatic Printer prints 300 DPI high resolution alphanumeric text, barcodes, logos and much more. The Meenjet M6 Automatic Printer comes equipped with built in counters for marking date and time codes, lot codes, batch codes and more!

Meenjet M6 Automatic Inkjet Printer

  • Compact inline inkjet coder
  • Print with black, white, yellow, blue, red, green and invisible inks on various types of substrates such as plastic, glass, metal, pipe, boxes, etc
  • Change colors in less than 30 seconds
  • Print alphanumeric text, barcodes, logos, date / time codes, batch codes, counters and more
  • 300 DPI high resolution
  • Print up to 69 meters per minute (226 fpm)
  • 1-8 lines of programmable text
  • HP® Technology with print heights ranging from 1.2mm to 12.7mm
  • Ink throw distance up to 6mm (0.25")

Meenjet M6 Automatic Inkjet Printer - Fully Loaded Software Package

  • Included with printer purchase - FREE!!
  • Selectable languages include English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Turkish, Arabic, Korean, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese
  • You can print other languages by creating message as a logo file
  • Multiple fonts to choose from
  • 300 DPI, High resolution text, barcodes and QR code
  • Create and store up to 1,000 messages via USB
  • Print up to 2,000 characters per message (no limitation on message length)

Meenjet M6 Automatic Inkjet Printer Versatility

  • The M6 Automatic Inkjet Printer gives you versatility to print on porous, seimi-porous and non-porous substrates
  • Print black, white, yellow, red, blue, green and invisible colors
  • Change colors in less than 30 seconds
  • Print on glass, plastics, metal, concrete, pipe, boxes and more
  • Print on HDPE, LDPE, PETE, PET, PE, PP, PVS, PPC, OPP, APET and more

Maintenance Free HP® Technology

  • The Meenjet M6 Automatic Inkjet Printer utilizes HP® print engine
  • Each time you replace your ink cartridge you’re ultimately replacing your printhead
  • No long term wear and tear compared to other stationary printheads
  • Change ink cartridges (ink colors) in less than 30 seconds

Cost of Ownership

  • One ink cartridge can yield more than 18,000,000 characters
  • No maintenance, no service, no PM's
  • See Ink Report below

Ink Report

  • Print 900,000+ characters at 12.7 mm or 1/2" tall character height
  • Print 3,600,000+ characters at 6.35 mm or 1/4" tall character height
  • Print 9,000,000+ characters at 3.175 mm or 1/8" tall character height
  • Print 18,000,000+ characters at 2.54 mm or 1/10" tall character height

30-Day Performance Guarantee

  • Customer can return printer, for any reason, within 30 days and receive full refund
  • Customer responsible for return shipping
  • Please contact us if you have any questions regarding your application

What's In The Box?

Optional Accessories

  • M6 External Product Detector (used for detecting clear / transparent products)
  • M6 Printer Stand (great for moving printer from one production line to another)
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