Keep Inkjet Cartridges Clean with Lint Free Thermal Inkjet Wipes

Thermal Inkjet Coding Cartridge Wipes

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Why Are Thermal Inkjet Wipes Essential?

Discover the convenience of our SNEED-JET® thermal inkjet printers, which are designed to be low-maintenance, saving you time and effort. While the printers themselves require minimal attention, it's essential to remember that the ink cartridges need some care to maintain optimal performance. Neglecting proper cartridge maintenance can lead to imperfect prints or, in some cases, no prints at all. To avoid this issue, consider using our lint-free thermal inkjet wipes regularly. These wipes effectively clean the cartridge's printhead, preventing clogs that could disrupt your printing process. By incorporating our thermal inkjet wipes, you can ensure that your printing experience remains seamless, producing clear and professional results every time.

How to Care for Your Thermal Inkjet Cartridge Properly

Taking care of your thermal inkjet cartridge is essential to ensure consistent and high-quality prints. Here's a simple guide on how to properly care for your cartridge:

  • Utilize the Clip:

    Always cover the printhead when the ink cartridge is not in use. Leaving it uncovered for more than 15 minutes* can lead to ink drying up, affecting print quality (*amount of uncovered time depends on ink type).

  • Lint-Free Wipe:

    Before and after each use, wipe down the printhead. Place a lint-free wipe on a piece of foam, position the printhead face down, and gently drag it along the wipe until you see two solid ink lines. A few consistent drags will prepare the cartridge for storage or use.

  • Avoid Cleaning Chemicals:

    Refrain from using any cleaning chemicals to clear clogs or streaks on the printhead. This could damage the entire cartridge. Always consult our support team before attempting any cleaning procedures.

Watch our helpful video below for a visual demonstration of the proper wiping procedure. For additional guidance on cartridge care or any other questions, explore the resources available on our Help Desk. Keeping your thermal inkjet cartridge well-maintained will ensure optimal performance and excellent print results.

Wiping Procedure Video From Help Desk