SNEED-JET® Freedom 22, Dual Head Case Coder

SNEED-JET® Freedom 22, Dual Head Case Coder

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The SNEED-JET® Freedom 22 Case Coder is ideal for printing on two sides of a box! Print up to 1-inch tall barcodes, logos, date / batch / lot codes, product counters, and descriptions on two sides of your boxes/cartons/cases. 

SNEED-JET® Freedom 22 Case Coder (equipped with (2) 1-Inch Printheads)

SNEED-JET® Freedom 21 Case Coder (equipped with (1) 2-Inch Printhead)

SNEED-JET® Freedom 22 Inkjet Printer

  • 7-inch touchscreen display
  • (2) One-inch printheads, ideal for printing on two sides of a box/carton/case
  • Print up to one-inch tall barcodes, logos, letters, numbers, symbols
  • Print 1 to 8 lines of text on each printhead
  • Maintenance-free thermal inkjet technology
  • Print on all types of material such as plastic, glass, pipe, metal, aluminum, boxes, paper, concrete, etc.
  • Selectable languages include English, Chinese, and Traditional Chinese
  • You can print other languages as a logo file
  • Print heights ranging from 1mm to 25.4mm (one inch)
  • 300 dpi high-resolution print quality
  • Ink type - Water-based and Solvent-based, allowing you to print on just about any material 
  • Print static and variable information such as text, numbers, symbols, QR codes, barcodes, logos, images, and graphics.
  • Available barcode formats include GS1 128, UPC-A, UPC-E, Datamatrix, EAN-13, Code 128, Code-39, Code-93
  • Print date codes, lot codes, batch codes, sequential numbering, and more

Printhead Configurations

  • The SNEED-JET® Freedom 21 Case Coder is equipped with (1) 2-inch Printhead
  • The SNEED-JET® Freedom 22 Case Coder is equipped with (2) 1-inch Printheads, allowing you to print on two sides of a box

      Maintenance Free Thermal Inkjet Technology

      • SNEED-JET® Freedom 21 Case Coder utilizes maintenance-free thermal inkjet technology
      • The printhead/print engine is located inside the ink cartridge
      • When you replace your ink cartridge, you're ultimately replacing the printhead/print engine
      • This eliminates the need for service and preventative maintenance
      • The printer and ink cartridges can be stored for extended periods with ease

      Cost of Ownership

      • One ink cartridge can yield more than 17,000,000 characters
      • No maintenance or service required
      • Ink Report listed below

      Ink Report

      • Print 400,000+ characters at 25.4 mm or 1" tall character height
      • Print 800,000+ characters at 12.7 mm or 1/2" tall character height
      • Print 3,500,000+ characters at 6.35 mm or 1/4" tall character height
      • Print 8,000,000+ characters at 3.175 mm or 1/8" tall character height
      • Print 17,000,000+ characters at 2.54 mm or 1/10" tall character height

      30-Day Performance Guarantee

      • Customers can return the printer for any reason within 30 days and receive a full refund, less shipping.
      • The customer is responsible for return shipping
      • Please contact us if you have any questions

      What's In The Box?

      • Your purchase includes the SNEED-JET® Freedom 21 Case Coder, external product detector, mounting brackets, power supply, USB stick, and stylus pen.
      • Ink cartridges are sold separately and can be located in Store Category, "SNEED-JET® Freedom Inks"
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      • One Year

      SNEED-JET® Freedom 21/22 Support Material

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