SNEED-JET® Encoder Kit: Precise Prints for Varying Speeds

Encoder Kit

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What's the Purpose of an Encoder Kit?

While our external sensors ensure reliable prints on various materials, continuous printing or fluctuating line speeds demand a more precise solution - an encoder kit. With our encoder wheel, you can accurately track your line's velocity, enabling your printer to produce consistent prints at specific intervals. Unlike traditional sensor-based triggers, prints are now synchronized with predetermined intervals, ensuring exact and predictable markings on your products.

Which SNEED-JET® Printer Models are Compatible with the Encoder Kit?

To ensure seamless integration, it's vital to choose the right SNEED-JET® inline printer for your operation. Both the SNEED-JET® Titan and Freedom series are compatible with this specific encoder kit. Within our Titan and Freedom series, the models that are most compatible with this encoder kit are:

  • SNEED-JET® Titan
  • SNEED-JET® Titan 21
  • SNEED-JET® Titan 41
  • SNEED-JET® Titan 44
  • SNEED-JET® Freedom
  • SNEED-JET® Freedom 21
  • SNEED-JET® Freedom 22

By pairing your chosen inline printer with our encoder kit, you gain precise control over your printing process, allowing you to achieve consistent and accurate results for a wide range of materials and line speeds.

Encoder Kit Application Video