Print on Challenging Surfaces: One-Inch Surface Adapter

One-Inch Surface Adapter for Portable Handheld Coder

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When is a One Inch Surface Adapter Necessary?

Achieve flawless prints on uneven, concave, or textured surfaces with our one-inch surface adapter. Paired with the SNEED-JET® Freedom portable handheld printer, this essential accessory ensures precise coding on small and limited-space products. Add date codes, lot codes, QR codes, barcodes, and graphics easily on any surface type. No excessive roll space is required – our one-inch surface adapter simplifies printing in tight spaces. Whether it's cans or challenging surfaces, this indispensable tool delivers professional-quality prints every time.

By placing the adapter directly on your product and rolling the Freedom handheld printer over it, you ensure precise prints even on challenging surfaces. It eliminates the need for excessive roll space, allowing you to print efficiently and accurately in tight spaces. When dealing with concave surfaces like the bottom of a can, the surface adapter - with rails becomes indispensable. It provides the necessary roll space as long as that printhead is within 4-6mm from the surface.

Ensure effortless printing with professional-quality results on any surface. Our one-inch surface adapter is the key to flawless coding and marking, even on uneven, concave, or textured products.

What Printers Are Compatible With Our One-Inch Surface Adapter?

While we offer a range of SNEED-JET® portable handheld printers, it's important to note that the one-inch surface adapter is specifically designed for the SNEED-JET® Freedom portable handheld printer. This particular surface adapter allows you to achieve superior printing precision and effortlessly mark your products even on challenging surfaces. Its seamless compatibility with the SNEED-JET® Freedom printer ensures consistent, high-quality prints, enhancing your coding and marking process.