SNEED-PACK® Side Belt Conveyor for Bottom Coding Bottles & Packaging

SNEED-PACK® Slim Bottom Coding Conveyor

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When is it Ideal to Integrate a SNEED-PACK® Slim Bottom Coding Conveyor?

The SNEED-PACK® Bottom Coding Conveyor, with its open frame, is the perfect solution for inkjet coding on the bottom of bottles or packaging. With its AC Gear Motors offering variable speeds, this conveyor effortlessly moves containers between working and transportation conveyors. The open frame design allows easy access to the container's bottom side for printing essential information like date codes and lot codes.

The conveyor's gripper belts are independently adjustable using an easy-to-use handle wheel, making it versatile enough to accommodate containers up to 8 inches in diameter. If you're seeking precise and efficient bottom coding, the SNEED-PACK® Bottom Coding Conveyor is the ideal addition to your production line. Experience seamless integration and elevate your coding process with this advanced conveyor system.

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Why Compatibility Matters: SNEED-PACK® Slim Bottom Coding Conveyor

Selecting the right inkjet coding conveyor is crucial for a smooth and efficient production process. Our SNEED-PACK® Slim Bottom Coding Conveyor is designed to work seamlessly with our SNEED-JET® printer series: Titan, Infinity, and Freedom. Ensuring compatibility guarantees optimal performance and reliable coding on the bottom of your bottles or packaging.

While a handheld printer mounted on an inline conversion kit might be technically compatible, we highly advise against this setup. Inline printers, such as our Titan series, are specifically engineered to work harmoniously with the SNEED-PACK® conveyor. Their perfect alignment enhances the accuracy and consistency of your coding, preventing any potential issues that may arise with incompatible configurations.

For a hassle-free coding experience, trust in the compatibility of our SNEED-PACK® Slim Bottom Coding Conveyor with our Titan, Infinity, and Freedom series. Make the right choice and elevate your coding process with the precision and reliability that only an integrated and compatible system can provide.

Maximize Ink Utilization: The Impact of Your Inkjet Coder’s Positioning

When optimizing your coding and marking process, your printer's positioning plays a crucial role in maximizing resource utilization. For bottom coding, it's essential to consider the unique challenge faced by thermal inkjet coders when the print head is pointed straight up.

Ironically, the very technology that simplifies coding creates a limitation in bottom coding applications. Thermal inkjet coding printers boast maintenance-free operation due to the print head's location inside the ink cartridge, eliminating the need for additional components like ink pumps. However, this design feature also restricts the printer's success for bottom coding.

In bottom coding scenarios, the ink relies on capillary-induced gravity flow inside the thermal inkjet cartridge to reach the print head. As a result, the ink cartridge can only deliver about 50% of its volume to the print head in an upward orientation before gravity overcomes the flow. To utilize the remainder of the ink in the cartridge, it's necessary to change the orientation of the print head, allowing the ink to reach the print head effortlessly without fighting against gravity.

Main Features

  • Made in the USA with 100% UL Certified Components
  • Stainless Steel Frame
  • Up To 100 Ft/Min
  • Pinch Point Protection
  • Teco Variable Frequency Drive: Input Voltage: 115PH / Output Voltage 230 VAC/ 3PH

Technical Data

  • AC Gearmotor 1/15 HP, 95 RPM, 39 LB/IN, 230VAC Three Phase Motor, 17:1 Gear Ratio
  • Machine Electrical Requirements: 115 Volts / 1 PH / 60 HZ
  • Adjustable Belt Opening: 0in To 7 3/4in
  • Belt Size: 36in L x 1in H
  • Floor To Belt Height: 35 1/2in to 42in
  • Overall Machine Dimensions: 38in L x 24 1/2in W x 44in H

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  • 12 Months *Limited Warranty