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Lot Coding Solutions

Sneed Coding offers reliable lot coding solutions for several types of companies. Lot codes are used on various products, including food (fresh and packaged), vitamins, supplements, batteries, toys, baby products, shampoo, toothpaste, aerosol sprays, smartphones, laptops, computers, fabric, pants, and so much more.

As one of the leading coding and marking solutions manufacturers and distributors with over 20 years of experience in the industry, we are the preferred choice.

What is a lot code?

The FDA describes a lot code as, “a specific identified portion of a batch, that is uniform and that is intended to meet specifications for identity, purity, and composition." This type of coding is an essential part of lot code traceability. These codes allow individuals to track a group of items throughout the supply chain. As an example, auto industries may identify a lot batch number with a batch of red paint painted on a specific group of vehicles. If there is a recall, a lot batch (the red paint in the above example) allows for quick identification of which vehicle carries the recalled part.

What is the benefit of lot tracking?

There are several advantages to utilizing lot tracking which includes:
  • Identify and track problem sources – Lot numbers, also known as lot date codes, help companies discover if and why returns may come from the same place.
  • Allow for quick response to recalls through easy identification.
  • Helps companies remain compliant with regulations – The FDA and the ISO require specific regulations and certifications standards regarding inventory management.
  • Assists in minimizing warehouse waste – This stands especially true for items with best-before dates, as this can help optimize how these items move in and out of the warehouse by prioritizing those that expire sooner.
At Sneed Coding Solutions, we carry a wide range of quality lot printers to fulfill all your coding needs. Contact Sneed today for all your lot coding solutions.