Secure Free Tapehead with Every Pallet of 3in Acrylic Tape

Pallet of 3in Acrylic Tape

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Pallet of 3in Acrylic Tape for Case Sealers

Elevate Packaging with SNEED-PACK® 3in Acrylic Tape Pallets

Efficiency is vital in successful packaging, and SNEED-PACK® delivers just that. Choose the ease of SNEED-PACK® 3-inch Acrylic tape in bulk. Each pallet order offers 192 rolls, a substantial 192,000 yards of reliable tape, ensuring no mid-process tape shortage.

In a world of temperature changes and humidity shifts, adhesive matters. Introducing Acrylic tape—versatile and resilient from 32℉ to 140℉. It thrives amid varying conditions and UV light exposure, retaining integrity and strength.

Acrylic tape's benefits extend into the future. Designed for longevity, it boasts a prolonged shelf life and a unique trait: its seal strength grows over time. Days pass, and your packages remain securely sealed. In a budget-conscious world, Acrylic tape stands as the smart and cost-effective choice, offering both reliability and savings for elevated packaging outcomes.

Unlock Rewards: FREE Tape Head with Every Pallet of 2in Acrylic Tape

Maximize your packaging benefits by ordering a full pallet of SNEED-PACK® 3-inch Acrylic tape. Beyond securing your packaging supplies, you'll also enjoy additional rewards—a FREE tape head, typically priced over $800.

Embrace a direct route to savings: confirm your pallet order, and our dedicated team will promptly connect with you. Rest assured, your FREE tape head is just an order away!

SNEED-PACK® Acrylic Tape Specifications

  • Box contains (4) rolls of tape
  • Total width: 3in
  • Total thickness: 2.0mil
    • 1.1mil BOPP
    • 0.9mil Adhesive
  • Total length: 1,000 yards
  • Application temperature range: 32F - 140F
  • Elongation: 150%
  • Service temperature range: -20F - 200F
  • Tensile 24lbs / in 

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