Free Tapehead with Every Pallet of 2in Hot Melt Tape

Pallet of 2in Hot Melt Tape

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Pallet of 2in Hot Melt Tape for Case Sealers

Stock Up On Pallets of SNEED-PACK® 2in Hot Melt Tape

Choose SNEED-PACK® 2-inch hot melt tape in bulk to ensure uninterrupted packaging operations. Each pallet order delivers 288 rolls, providing an impressive total of 288,000 yards of dependable tape. Boasting exceptional initial tack, this hot melt tape guarantees unwavering holding power. Tailored for case erecting and case sealing applications, it excels when machine application is chosen.

Whether you’re working with overfilled packages or packaging that’s composed of a significant portion of recycled content, hot melt tape works best. Operating flawlessly across a broad temperature range, from 45 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit, it becomes your go-to solution even for boxes with substantial memory in their flaps. Revolutionize your packaging process with our 2-inch SNEED-PACK® hot melt tape — the ultimate companion for seamless case erecting and sealing tasks.

FREE Tape Head Included with Every Pallet of SNEED-PACK® 2in Hot Melt Tape

Secure your packaging process and enjoy extra benefits when you order a full pallet of SNEED-PACK® 2-inch hot melt tape. In addition to stocking up on supplies, you'll also receive a FREE tape head—a valuable accessory that usually exceeds $800. Given the tape head's pivotal role in the wear and tear journey, having a spare is a strategic move for seamless operations.

Your path to savings is straightforward: finalize your pallet order, and our dedicated team will promptly reach out to you. Rest assured, your FREE tape head is well within your grasp!

SNEED-PACK® Hot Melt Tape Specifications

  • The pallet contains (48) boxes - Box contains (6) rolls of tape
  • Total width: 2in
  • Total thickness: 2.0mil
    • 1.2mil BOPP
    • 0.8mil Adhesive
  • Total length: 1,000 yards
  • Application temperature range: 32F - 120F
  • Elongation: 150%
  • Service temperature range: -10F - 120F
  • Tensile 27lbs / in 

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