Linx® 4800 Printer - Used

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Used Linx® Printer Overview
You’ve come to the right place for used Linx® printers. Our Team has bought and sold well over 100 used Linx® printers. We have 20+ years experience servicing and rebuilding Linx® printers. Without question, we offer the best quality used Linx® printers in the industry!

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Used Linx® 4800 Printer

  • This listing is for a used Linx® 4800 printer
  • All of our used Linx® printers have been thoroughly inspected by certified Diagraph® / Linx® Service Technicians for quality assurance and are ready to print
  • We’re available for phone support during installation (free of charge)

Optional Accessories

  • Product Detector
  • Alert Light
  • Encoder
  • Printer Stand
  • Printhead Stand

Fluids, Parts & Service

  • We offer certified Diagraph® / Linx® technicians with 20+ years experience servicing Linx® printers
  • We offer high quality fluids and parts for Linx® printers

Have a Linx® Printer You Want To Sell?

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