Meet the Team

Sneed Coding Solutions was founded with the belief that coding and marking should be simple for the customer. We strive to simplify complex coding and marking challenges. This allows them to strategically focus their energy and efforts on the most important aspects of their operations and growing their business.

We have an extensive network of suppliers which enables us to provide equipment, consumables, parts and service to the vast majority of inkjet coding brands in the market today.

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Meet the Team

Bryan Sneed
Founder & Owner

Bryan initially started the company in the fall of 2017 by himself following a two year hiatus from the coding and marking industry. Prior to leaving the industry, he worked for thirteen years with the world’s leading manufacturer of non-OEM and OEM brand industrial coding and marking inks, fluids, supplies and service. He started there as an entry level sales person after graduating from the University of Louisiana-Lafayette and worked his way up to President & Chief Executive Officer. During his time there, he worked with leading food and beverage companies such as McCormick’s, Pepsi and Nestle among others.

While out of the industry, he led the sales and marketing divisions of two other companies where he expanded his knowledge and understanding of online sales and marketing strategies. At Sneed Coding Solutions, he has combined his extensive knowledge of coding and marking technologies with aggressive web based marketing on a mission to help struggling customers find simple solutions for their coding and marking needs.

Megan Sneed
Logistics Manager

Megan joined the company during the summer of 2018 as increasing online efforts led to a dramatic surge in new customers and orders needing to be shipped. Previously, Megan worked for ten years in the oil and gas industry for an offshore supply company. During her tenure there, she managed a multi layered process of fielding supply inquiries from offshore vessels that included sourcing, quoting and fulfilling the required products for her customers.

She now handles all order processing and fulfillment for Sneed Coding customers - ensuring products are shipped in a timely manner to meet our customers’ needs. In nearly all instances, Megan’s team ships orders the same day an order is received.

Ken Mogensen
Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Bryan added Ken to the Sneed Coding team in September 2018 in order to assist with the company’s aggressive long term growth objectives. The pair worked closely together at the same industrial ink manufacturer for nearly seven years prior to teaming back up at Sneed Coding - Bryan even hired Ken as an entry level salesperson there. Ken climbed the ranks concluding his tenure managing their worldwide distribution network across over fifty countries. He worked with leading food and beverage manufacturers, plastic and steel pipe manufacturers, craft brewers, as well as equipment distributors during his time there.

Since joining the company, Ken has worked closely with Bryan to streamline sales and marketing processes in order to deliver a superior experience to our customers. He has a passion for solving complex coding and marking challenges with new technologies previously unavailable. He is currently enrolled at University of Houston-Downtown completing his Bachelor degree in Marketing.

Charles Collins
Vice President of Product Development

Charles joined the team in October 2018 as Bryan recognized that a seasoned technical expert would be needed to support the growing customer base and evaluate new technologies to offer customers. Charles also previously worked with Bryan and Ken - the three of them have worked closely together on corporate company strategies for sales and marketing as well as new product development for many years.

Starting in the industry as a technical services apprentice, he spent six years in technical support roles working with various technologies including continuous inkjet, valve jet and thermal inkjet. He was ANSER’s first factory trained thermal inkjet service technician for North America. He also had integral roles within the sales and marketing department developing the inside sales team’s technical knowledge. While there, he lead the effort to secure a long term business partnership with Boeing for the ANSER U2 Mobile system that lead to dozens of printer purchases at facilities across the country. Charles’s natural acumen for problem solving, combined with his extensive technical background, enables him to connect with customers and earn their trust.