Compact High Viscosity Liquid Fillers for Lotions and Creams

SNEED-PACK Tabletop Lotion & Cream Filling Machine

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Tabletop Lotion & Cream Filling Machine Overview

Are You Looking to Integrate a High Viscosity Filler to Your Production Process?    

Are you facing challenges filling bottles with high-viscosity materials like lotions and creams? Is your manual process slowing you down, making it difficult to meet demand? The SNEED-PACK Tabletop Lotion and Cream Filling Machine is expertly crafted to handle these thicker substances, ensuring a smoother and more efficient process.

Watch as this tabletop machine effortlessly fills 20-30 bottles per minute, leaving behind the headaches of clogged nozzles, wasted materials, and imperfectly filled containers. Equipped with powerful pneumatic filling nozzles, this machine is perfect for thicker liquids and materials. Its anti-dripping slots and bottle clamping plate ensure a clean and efficient production area, eliminating drips, securing bottles in place, and preventing accidents.

Streamlining your filling process has never been more accessible. Don't wait any longer; it's time to elevate your production with the SNEED-PACK Tabletop Lotion and Cream Filling Machine.

What Other Features Make The SNEED-PACK Tabletop Lotion and Cream Filling Machine Worthwhile?

Tailored nozzles are designed to handle high-viscosity materials, ensuring a smooth and efficient process. But that's just the beginning. A spacious 90-liter hopper accelerates the flow of thicker substances, enhancing your working speed significantly. The inclusion of a user-friendly PLC touchscreen control panel allows you to monitor the machine's real-time working status, reducing the likelihood of production errors.

The SNEED-PACK tabletop lotion and cream filling machine incorporates a high-quality electric eye that excels in detecting passing bottles, ensuring no container is overlooked and no product is wasted. The sensitivity of the electric eye can be adjusted to align with your operational needs. Recognizing the diversity of production processes, this machine offers the flexibility to adjust variables like filling speed and waiting time with a simple turn of a rotary knob. Streamlining your filling process has never been more straightforward.

Lotion & Cream Filling Machine Specifications

  • Four pneumatic filling heads
  • PLC touch screen controller with digital display
  • Power: 110v / 50-60hz
  • Filling range: 10-100ml / 30-300ml / 50-500ml / 100-1000ml
  • Working speed: 20-30 bottles / minute (based on liquid & filling volume)
  • Hopper size: 90L
  • Conveyor size: 1300mm x 100mm
  • Filling nozzle size: 10mm OD
  • Machine size: 1300 x 1440 x 1200mm
  • Machine weight: 

Crating & Freight

Crating is included in the listed price. We offer flat rate freight anywhere in the continental United States for $2995 - there may be additional charges for destinations outside the continental United States.

Lead Time

SNEED-PACK Filling Machines are built to order with a 3-4 month lead time.

Compatible Inkjet Coding Printers

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Warranty Information

  • 12 Month Manufacturer's Warranty

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