SNEED-PACK® Automatic Round Bottle Labeling Machine

SNEED-PACK® Round Bottle Label Machine

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Rather than inconsistently applying labels for entire shifts at a time, you can now label between 10 to 30 products per minute with the SNEED-PACK® Round Bottle Labeling Machine. This automatic label applicator machine is compatible with labels between 20-450mm long and 10-100mm wide and products with 20-150mm diameters and heights of 10-300mm. Adjusting for size is as simple as using the hand cranks, and you can use the touch screen to adjust for product spacing, conveyor line speed, and label positioning. After all of your settings have been configured, you have to load your product(s) onto the conveyor and wait for them to trigger the labeling sensor. Once the product has exited, you’re left with a perfectly labeled product. It’s time to move on from manually applying labels to allowing the SNEED-PACK® Round Bottle Labeling Machine to do the heavy lifting for you.


  • 10-30pcs/min
  • Bottle Size: Diameter 20-150mm, Height 10-300mm
  • Label Size: Length 20-450mm, Width 10-100mm
  • Conveyor Height: 800-850mm
  • Power: 1kW
  • Power Supply: AC110V, 50/60Hz, single phase
  • Air Supply: 0.5-0.8MPa, 10L/min
  • Working Environment: 10~40℃
  • Surrounding Humidity: 15-85%
  • Machine Dimension: 1800mm Length, 1100m Width, Height 1300mm
  • Machine Weight: 180kg


  • 12-Month Manufacturer's Warranty


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