REINER jetStamp 1025

REINER jetStamp 1025

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REINER jetStamp 1025 
The REINER jetStamp 1025 is great for printing up to one-inch tall alphanumeric text, 1D & 2D barcodes, logos and graphics on plastic, metal, pipe, concrete, boxes and much more! The jetStamp 1025 comes equipped with built in counters for marking date and time codes, lot codes, batch codes and much more! The jetStamp 1025 is capable of integrating with barcode scanners! 

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REINER jetStamp 1025

  • Lightweight (2.1 pounds) and easy-to-operate
  • Prints on plastics, metals, boxes and much more
  • ERP and Database connectivity
  • Print high resolution, 300 dpi, alphanumeric text, barcodes, graphics, date / time codes, batch codes, counters and more
  • Connection to Windows-based programs, merchandise management systems or barcode label software
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Network compatible
  • Print area of up to 1" height by 3 1/2" length
  • Adjustable font size; 1/16" to 1"
  • Integrate with barcode scanners
  • Operated by rechargeable batteries and or permanent power
  • Printing is activated by a trigger button in the handle
  • Self-traversing print head

REINER jetStamp 1025 - Fully Loaded Software Package

  • Included with printer purchase - FREE!!
  • Compatible with PC computers (not MAC compatible)
  • High resolution alphanumeric text, 1D & 2D barcodes, logos, graphics, date codes, lot codes and counters
  • Choose from a variety of barcode formats on the software

REINER jetStamp 1025 Versatility

  • The REINER jetStamp 1025 gives you versatility to print on porous, semi-porous and non-porous substrates
  • Print on plastics, metal, concrete, pipe, boxes and more
  • Water-based and solvent-based inks available

REINER jetStamp 1025 Ink Options

    • Black solvent-based ink for printing on non-porous surfaces such as plastic, metal, pipe, etc., p/n P5-MP3-BK
    • Black water-based ink for printing on porous surfaces such as boxes, paper, corrugate, etc., p/n P5-SBK-BK

    What's In The Box?

    • Your purchase includes the jetStamp 1025, power cable and software
    • Ink cartridges are sold separately and can be purchased in our Store Category called, "REINER Inks."
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