What To Consider When Choosing a Date Coder
What To Consider When Choosing a Date Coder

What To Consider When Choosing a Date Coder

Business is all about efficiency and success. In order to promote efficiency and success, however, you need to ensure problems and issues arise as little as possible. One way to try and eliminate these problems is by always knowing exactly what your business or company needs.

For example, if your business needs a date coder to efficiently package and distribute products, you should clearly lay out what exactly you need and want in a machine. By defining your requirements, you can make sure to get exactly what you need. Skipping this step is where issues come into play. Here are a few more points on what to consider when choosing a date coder to help your business work efficiently and successfully.

Consider What You Are Printing

Knowing what codes you will be printing is a crucial component you must consider when making this purchase. Clearly outlining this will make it easier to find the right product for you. Though you may think the answer to this question is simply “printing dates,” there is much more to it than that. Are you printing use-by-dates on the main packaging of the product, or are you printing batch codes on the second layer of packaging? What size text do you need to print?

You should also take into consideration whether you need to print other message types and how they will differ from the needs of the date code you are printing.

Map Out What Surface or Material You Will Printed On

As with buying any printing product, you need to make sure that the print will be easily visible and will stay on the surface it was printed on. Because every material is different, some printers will work better than others for various products. There are many printing technologies and inks available so you want to make sure you pick the right printer and ink for your packaging materials or surface.

Look at Your Line Speed

You want a date coder that can successfully keep up with the overall speed of your line. Products that can’t keep up will only cause issues in production and packaging. If you don’t have the time in your line to add in an industrial date coder, purchase one of our handheld date code printers to complete this task at the end of the production line instead. Make sure that any device you purchase is compatible with your current operations.

Overall Environment of Facility

Knowing your workspace and understanding how it will affect your product throughout all stages of production is vital. Is the area overly cold or wet? The environment can directly affect the technology and devices present, so choosing a coder that can handle your company’s environment is the smart and responsible choice.

All these elements and points are what to consider when choosing a date coder. Make sure you take these into consideration and put a lot of thought into picking the right device for you.

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