Production Line Capping Machine with Feeder for Bottle Capping

SNEED-PACK Production Line Capping Machine with Feeder

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Production Line Capping Machine with Feeder Overview

Maximizing Efficiency: SNEED-PACK Production Line Capping Machine with Feeder  

In pursuit of a capping powerhouse capable of feeding, tightening, and securing bottle caps seamlessly? Look no further than the SNEED-PACK Production Line Capping Machine with Feeder—an automatic marvel equipped with a cap feeder that flawlessly orients bottle caps.

This machine is fully customizable to suit your unique capping needs and allows adjustments for different cap sizes. Imagine a system where the larger your cap, the larger your feeding bowl—a testament to its adaptability.

Experience labor-saving automation as the cap feeding and capping machine work in harmony, reducing production errors. Operating at a speed of 20-60 sealed bottles per minute, this machine's efficiency depends on factors like bottle cap type and speed. Elevate your production with precision and speed today.

Additional Features of the Production Line Capping Machine with Feeder to Improve Production

The SNEED-PACK Production Line Capping Machine with Feeder is not just a capping solution; it's a streamlined production powerhouse, thanks to its advanced built-in features. Wondering what sets it apart?

Effortlessly adjust capping and pressing times using the intuitive operation panel. This intelligent interface, available in English and customizable to your language preference, is your control center for setting working time and defining the work mode.

Safety is paramount. The stop button, a seemingly simple yet crucial feature, protects the machine from damage and ensures operator safety during work. Take charge of the transfer speed, setting it before production and adjusting it on the fly. Precision, safety, and adaptability converge in the Production Line Capping Machine with Feeder from SNEED-PACK, maximizing your production efficiency.

Capping Machine Specifications

  • Touch screen panel with digital display
  • Bottle height: 30-300mm
  • Bottle diameter: 20-160mm
  • Cap diameter: 18-70mm
  • Working speed: 20-60 bottles / minute (varies by bottle and cap sizes)
  • Power: 110v / 50-60hz
  • Air pressure: 0.4-0.6MPa
  • Machine dimensions: 1930x740x1600mm
  • Machine weight: 150kg

Crating & Freight

Crating is included in the listed price. We offer flat rate freight anywhere in the continental United States for $4995 - there may be additional charges for destinations outside the continental United States.

Lead Time

SNEED-PACK Capping Machines are built to order with a 3-4 month lead time.

Warranty Information

  • 12 Month Manufacturer's Warranty

User Manual & Help Desk


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