Automatic Round Bottle Filling Production Line with Cap Hopper

SNEED-PACK Round Bottle Filling Line with Cap Hopper

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Automate Your Round Bottle Filling Production Line

Are you ready to unlock the full potential of your liquid bottling operation? Step into a world of precision, efficiency, and reliability with our state-of-the-art automated production line. Gone are the days of manual labor and the headaches it brings, like inconsistent fill amounts, cross-threaded caps, and label mishaps.

With our round bottle-filling production line with a cap hopper, you'll experience a remarkable transformation in your production process. Imagine having 20-60 perfectly filled product bottles ready for packaging and shipment every single minute. And here's the best part: the system can be customized to your bottle sizes, ensuring a consistent and accurate output.

Whether you deal with cosmetics, beverages, or chemicals, our automation solution is designed to meet your unique needs. Say goodbye to the limitations of manual labor and embrace a future where precision and speed go hand in hand. It's time to elevate your liquid filling process with the power of automation.

Components of Our Round Bottle Filling Production Line with Cap Hopper

As you embark on your journey with the Round Bottle Filling Production Line with a Cap Hopper, it's time to acquaint yourself with the five components that make this automated marvel a game-changer.

Bottle Turntable: Streamlined Loading

Say goodbye to the hassle of individually loading bottles onto the production line. With our bottle turntable, you can load 40-60 bottles at once. Watch as they effortlessly move onto the conveyor, letting the automatic filling production line do the heavy lifting.

Filling Machine: Time Optimization

Your time is valuable, and manual bottle filling is a thing of the past. The filling machine can pump out an impressive 20-60 bottles per minute, depending on your bottle size. It's all about making every minute count.

2-in-1 Bottle Cap Feeder: Accurate Placement, Secure Tightening

Our bottle cap feeder simplifies the cap placement process before capping. The capping machine can easily tighten 20-60 bottle caps per minute. Speed varies with bottle and cap size and shape, ensuring a snug fit.

Labeling Machine: Precision Labeling

Bid farewell to the tedium of manual labeling. Our labeling component can expertly apply 25-50 labels per minute, a remarkable feat compared to manual labor. Experience efficient and precise label application.

Bottle Sorting Machine: Streamlined Collection

No more need for an operator at the end of the line to collect bottles. Let the filled bottles gather on the bottle sorting machine until you're ready to package them. It's a hassle-free approach to bottle collection, saving you time and effort.

Our components are designed to optimize your production process, ensuring efficiency, speed, and precision. Say hello to a new era of liquid filling with our Round Bottle Filling Production Line with a Cap Hopper.

SNEED-PACK Production Line Components

Rotary Unscrambler

  • Turntable Diameter: 31.5in or 39.37in
  • Suitable Bottle Diameter: 20-100mm
  • Suitable Bottle Height: 30-120mm
  • Working Speed: 40-60 bottles/min (depends on bottle size)
  • Power Supply: 220/110V 50/60Hz 50W
  • Net Weight: 143.3lbs or 396.83lbs

4-Head Liquid Filler

  • Container Size: 30-300mm (Height)
  • Max Flow Rate: 5500ml/min, 5500ml/min, 7500ml/min
  • Material of Pump: 304 Stainless Steel, 316 Stainless Steel, 316Stainless Steel
  • Filling Accuracy: ≤ 100ml deviation ≤ ± 1ml > 100ml deviation ≤ ± 1% (based on water)
  • Filling Speed: 20-50pcs/min, 25-60pcs/min (depending on bottles and liquid)
  • Power Supply: 220/110V 50/60Hz, 2kw
  • Size of Air Compressor Connector: OD 8mm


  • Bottle Height: 30-300mm
  • Cap Diameter: 18-70mm
  • Bottle Diameter: 20-160mm
  • Working Speed: 20-60 bottles / minute (depending on bottle and cap size)
  • Power Supply: 220/110V 50/60Hz
  • Air Supply: 0.4-0.6MPa
  • Dimensions: 75.98in x 29.13in x 63in (L x W x H)


  • Power Supply: AC 220/110V 50/60Hz 1500W
  • Labeling Speed: 25-50PCS/min (depends on bottle size)
  • Labeling Accuracy: ±1.0mm
  • Suitable Body Diameter: 30-100mm
  • Label Size: 15-200mm x 15-150mm (L x H)
  • Roll Inside Diameter: 76mm
  • Roll Outside Diameter: 350mm
  • Conveyor Size: 76.77in x 3.94in (L x W)
  • Machine Size: 78.74in x 55.12in x 51.18in (L x W x H)

Accumulating Table

  • Bottle Specifications: Square / Round Bottle
  • Conveying Speed: Up to 20 RPMs (adjustable)
  • Voltage: 200/110V 50Hz
  • Power Supply: 50W
  • Turntable Diameter: 31.5in
  • Net Weight: 138.89lbs

Crating & Freight

Crating is included in the listed price. We offer flat rate freight anywhere in the continental United States for $4995 - there may be additional charges for destinations outside the continental United States.

Lead Time

SNEED-PACK Liquid Filling Production Line is built to order. 3-4 month lead time.

Compatible Printers

Compatible End of Line Packaging Equipment

Warranty Information

  • 12 Month Manufacturer's Warranty

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